Pancha Karma
  Bowel Cleaning
                                  Dr. Kemal

With collecting very wholesome herbs,which are growed at the pure atmosphere of Himalaya's and preparing them with a precious formula is attained a precious and powerful composition. It is a Herbal Food Supplement.

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What Is Detox?

Detox procedure is to cleaning toxic materials from the body,which are causing disease and aging.
The toxic remnants partially taken from outside,partially get formed in the body.İn modern science this materials are naming generally as Free Radicals, formed as a result of pollution in the nature,get with respiratory system and with foods and drinks into the body.


Pancha Karma

Pancha Karma is a method which cleans toxins that cause formation of diseases, and early wearing out, and ageing of individuals, and consequently renews, and makes individuals younger.
This is the deepest, most comprehensive, and efficient technique of the healthcare approach adopted by the classic Ayurveda and Maharishi's Vedic approach to heald.



Aromatic Massage

Aromatic massage and Aromatherapy occupies an important part of Ayurveda, a natural healthcare system which has been used permanently since the last 4 to 5 thousand years.
These massages, i.e. Pancha Karma, the most powerful protection and rejuvenation method of Ayurveda, may be applied either during physiological purification cure, or independently from the cure.


Ayurvedic Health Consultation

One of the methods used by Maharishi Ayurveda, being an excellent healthcare system, in order to achieve this objective is Ayurvedic Consultation. A physician, who is also an Ayurveda specialist, checks pulse of the individual during the examination in order to reveal weak or imbalanced body parts, and such organs which are actually or contingently problematic.


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